Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Please can the parents of interested families please try and sort out which school will exam us while I am away in Norway - 11th - 18th? thanks.

We will aim to start the course on  23rd Sept.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Postponing the start of the IGCSE at Artisan Studio

Please note that we are postponing the start of the IGCSE at Artisan Studio course for a few weeks until we get a school to examine us. 
Apologies for inconvenience caused. 
Bournemouth Collegiate School are not returning my calls or emails so need time to chase them and see what alternatives there are for us.
Thanks, Pauline

Sunday, 7 September 2014

free course

free courses at

First Unit

In the first unit we will be looking at colour theory, doing a colour wheel, exploring tints, shades and tones. 

We will also we working mainly with painting. 
We will explore 

  • watercolours 
  • acrylics
  • oils
  • gouache

We will look at a wide range of artists who use paint/colour as part of their practice; both traditional and contemporary artists

  • Jackson Pollack
  • Anslem Keifer
  • Seurat
  • Mark Rothko
  • Kandinski
  • Turner
  • Howard Hodgkin 
  • Matisse
  • Miro
  • Paul Klee
  • Bridget Riley........
There will be home work set each week - practice and some research/theory.

Please bring sketch books each week - might be good to have one for theory
(or a folder) and one for art work....

We will also do a unit on drawing but drawing will be a key component throughout his year in every unit we do.

We will do a unit on 3D to include clay, sculpture, wire work, plaster, casting.....

And finally a unit on design.

Friday, 5 September 2014


Just heard back from Avonbourne that they do NOT examine private candidates. 
So we are now just waiting to hear from  Bournemouth Collegiate School.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Advice from a HE mum.....

Yes the CIE Art and Design can be done as an external candidate if you choose the exam-only (with prep boards) option. However,it's not easy or cheap to find exam centres willing to take practical exams, particularly 2 x 8-hour exams, like this. The centre will need to have a room with a sink, power points, large desks to work on, and have a large enough safe on-site to hold all the artwork (which might, for example, include life-sized sculptures!) You might also need to book an additional session after the exam for students to photograph larger pieces and/or mount work. We did the syllabus as a group and used the art room of a local Montessori school to sit the exams during half term. In schools each exam would usually be broken into 4-hour sessions, but this isn't always possible for schools to accommodate. An 8 hour exam with only a half-hour break makes for a long day!

If you search the messages on this list I think I posted some pointers on CIE art & design IGCSE not so long ago. As with most arts subjects, the syllabus is quite woolly. We spent quite a bit of time combing through examiner reports and I would advise doing the same: similar topics tend to come up every few years. It helps to have a tutor who is familiar with the IGCSE syllabus as the emphasis seems to be somewhat different to the GCSE. The design part, in particular, requires a different approach to the art part of the syllabus, so having a few sessions with someone experienced in the design process would also be helpful.

Ds's traditional art skills - painting and drawing - are quite weak, but we focused on his strengths and worked a lot on the 'box ticking', which helped to get him a good grade. We have photos of his prep boards and finished work, which might be more helpfully realistic than some of the very talented student examples you'll find online! If you want any further info feel free to email me offlist.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

IGCSE Art and Design

Artisan studio is teaching an IGCSE  in Art and Design starting Monday 8th Sept from 4.30 - 6.30 and every following Monday during term times.

The course will be taught by Pauline Stanley BA Fine Art  - see www.paulinestanley.com

We have a small group keen to start and a have a couple of places available if anyone is interested. The more that do it the cheaper the costs will be for all involved.

We had a meeting tonight with interested families and have agreed to do Cambridge IGCSE.

We aim to get the exams done through either Bournemouth Collegiate School, St Edwards or Avonbourne - this is still being investigated - waiting for responses from their exam  officers.

Info on Artisan studio can be found at  http://thecommunityartstudio.blogspot.co.uk/